User Interface Design (higher-level menu)

  • We create wireframes and prototypes, interaction and design proposals while considering heuristic design principles
  • We identify suitable methods to support the design process and iterative prototyping
  • We develop style guides in accordance with current standards and help with their implementation, taking into account the User Experience
  • We determine ergonomic requirements for the UI.

User Interface Design (next level)

Do you have a product idea, but don't know how to take the first steps in terms of design?

As a medical device manufacturer, we offer you design support tailored to your needs. We help you to comply with the requirements of regulations.

We support you in the conceptual phase (formative evaluation) to:

  • efficiently design your user interface development process
  • iteratively further develop and optimize user interface prototypes
  • check drafts and prototypes heuristically for possible design flaws or misdevelopments at an early stage of development (especially with regard to security-relevant user interface characteristics and user errors
  • create suggestions and drafts to improve the usability and your design

Due to a multitude of usability tests of different products we rely on comprehensive know-how:

  • Experience in recognizing important ergonomic design aspects
  • Recognition and understanding of work or operating procedures, e.g. in the clinical context of use and

Understanding the real needs of doctors and healthcare professionals.

What we can do for you

Creation of wireframes and prototypes on the basis of heuristic design principles

We design your user interfaces on the basis of heuristic design principles, e.g. those of the ISO 9241-112 and -110 standards.

We design wireframes, create prototypes and design proposals for software and hardware UIs.

Identification of methods to support the design process

We can help you select and apply design methods or carry them out ourselves:

  • Heuristic evaluation using existing design principles and principles
  • Cognitive walkthrough
  • Implementation of methodically simple usability tests with loud thinking especially for the formative phase
  • Contextual Inquiry (workplace observation and survey)
  • Personas (determination of concrete user needs)
  • Analysis of use cases (with regard to the necessary effectiveness and efficiency in applying the product)
  • Evaluation of PMS data and customer feedback from comparable products
  • Development of questionnaires
  • Interviews (semi-standardised, open, standardised)
  • Workshops with users (focus groups)
  • A/B testing of design prototypes.

Style guides / design requirements / user experience

Through our experience with style guides, we will support you in developing ergonomic design rules that avoid user errors and optimize security-relevant UI features.

All style guide specifications are compared with the concrete requirements of current standards of the 9241 series. We also take the user experience and your corporate design into account.

Identification of ergonomic UI requirements

Ergonomic requirements are often specified insufficiently. However, these are the best starting point for increasing and ensuring efficiency in the use of UIs.

Of course, the use of suitable methods and a suitable formative evaluation (validation) is important. All in all, it is important to adequately reflect the needs of the users and thus increase the acceptance of the product.

A careful analysis of user needs can help to avoid user errors that could endanger the patient or user.

How we can start

Send us examples or prototypes of your user interfaces or simply information about the project status. We will analyse the need for measures and propose suitable and efficient procedures and methods for your project in consultation with you.

By the way, all measures are always carried out in compliance with the requirements of IEC 62366-1:2015.

You can reach us

  • by e-mail: info(at),
  • by telephone: +49 (0) 7531 94500 20 or
  • via contact form:
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