The Johner Institute Consulting Team

We ourselves are people who, from the heart, are passionate about developing medical software and have years of experience in this field. We have participated in countless audits, as auditees as well as a companion for companies. With us, you can discuss the latest technologies and software architecture as well as the automation of your test process.

We have a very good understanding of medicine and medical terminology. We are experts in this area because we mainly operate in the healthcare industry and it is so to say, our main focus. With this specific knowledge, we can also carry out risk analyses and provide the interface for clinical testing.

Markus Gerhart
Markus Gerhart has been supporting the Johner Institut since almost the beginning. As one of the first employees, he was and is allowed to help to design the processes and values of the Johner Institut.

Markus Gerhart, M.Sc.

Team Clinical and Safety Affairs
Susanne Golombek
Susanne Golombek supports our clients as a consultant in the field of clinical evaluation and clinical trials. After completing her master's degree in molecular biotechnology, she worked as a research assistant in the field of preclinical cancer research. She then worked for several years in the field of clinical research as a monitor of clinical studies and developed further in the field of regulatory affairs for medical devices, where she supported researchers in setting up their technical documentation and the needed documentation for clinical trials. In this context, she was also a speaker for GCP investigator courses. Ms. Golombek has been supporting our clients with her interdisciplinary expertise in the field of Clinical Affairs since 2023.

Susanne Golombek, M.Sc.

Tanja Domke
Tanja Domke supports our customers in regarding clinical evalutation and biocompatibility. After completing her PhD in stem cell research at the University of Dundee, Tanja worked in the field of Clinical Management. She then moved on to the area of clinical benefit assessment and market access of pharmaceutical prodcuts. Since 2023, she has been supporting the Johner Institute with her cross-divisional expertise and scientific background.

Tanja Domke, Dr.

Johannes Goldmann
Dr. Johannes Goldmann received his doctorate in pharmaceutical biology. He worked for six years in stem cell research at the Institute for Transfusion Medicine and Immunohematology in Frankfurt am Main. There he was study coordinator for several clinical phase III studies. He therefore knows the challenges of developing medical products from his own experience. He also worked in the pharmaceutical sector for a Berlin pharmaceutical company for six years. His focus is on advising on clinical studies, study design and activities related to the PMCF

Johannes Goldmann, Dr.

Andrea Küpers

Andrea Küpers, M.Sc.

Sarah Gruber
Sarah Gruber is a biotechnology engineer and has been working for many years in the field of product safety with core competencies in biocompatibility and toxicology. As an expert in biological safety of medical devices, she supports our clients with her experience in strategic planning of necessary tests, organization and supervision of laboratory tests up to risk-based toxicological evaluation of the results from development to approval of medical devices.

Sarah Gruber

Lea Wettlaufer
Lea Wettlaufer is a molecular biologist. While writing her master’s dissertation, she worked in molecular oncology research with a focus on therapy resistance in lung cancer cells. She is a certified Clinical Research Associate. Prior to joining Johner Institute, she has worked in a CRO specializing in writing clinical evaluations. Therefore, her expertise lies within the field of clinical trials and clinical evaluation. At Johner Institute, she supports our customers in creating clinical evaluations according to MEDDEV 2.7/1 rev. 4.

Lea Wettlaufer, M.Sc.

Bettina Martin
Dr. Bettina Martin, a distinguished neuroimmunologist, has been a key figure in the leadership team of the Johner Institute since 2019. She has led multiple teams and departments, including Clinical Affairs and, as an interim manager, the entire consulting division. Since 2024, she has been heading the Clinical and Safety Affairs department. Her core competencies include strategic planning, business development in the field of clinical evaluation, digitization, and cross-departmental team leadership.

Bettina Martin, Dr.

Nadine Jurrmann
Nadine Jurrmann has a PhD in biology and was employed by a medical device manufacturer for over six years. Her responsibilities at that time included the preparation of clinical evaluations and the planning, implementation and analysis of PMCF studies. Since 2019, she has been supporting our customers with strategic consulting on clinical evaluation as well as the documentation of PMS and PMCF activities in accordance with the MDR.

Nadine Jurrmann, Dr.

Team DAP (Digital Approval Platform)
Marina Radcke
Marina Radcke is product owner of the software Digital Approval Platform (DAP) as a part of our Realtime Compliance System (RCS). With her background as a computer scientist and her previous professional experience, she brings expertise in the management of software projects in the field of medical devices. She has previously worked in various roles as Managing Partner of a medical technology start-up, as a quality manager and as a process and documentation manager for software development projects in the fields of vascular surgery and radiotherapy.

Marina Radcke

Lisa Wittmayer
Lisa Wittmayer is responsible for the Digital Approval Platform (DAP) and the digital quality management system. She studied biomedical engineering and medical physics and spent time abroad at the University of Melbourne and Harvard Medical School. After her studies, she initially worked as a research assistant and project manager at the University of Heidelberg. As a University spin-off, she founded a medical technology startup in 2018 and took over as CEO before joining Johner Medical in March 2022 and then Johner Institut in July 2023.

Lisa Wittmayer

Stefanie Hasler
As a sports scientist, Stefanie Hasler started her career at a medical device manufacturer, where she worked on the ISO 13485-certified QMS. Fascinated by software and hardware development in medical technology, she completed further training to become a usability engineer. Her goal: to design user-friendly, regulatory-compliant medical devices. Now she is improving electronic QM and TD systems at the Johner Institute in collaboration with users and stakeholders.

Stefanie Hasler

Manuel Baur
Manuel Baur is a physicist. His strengths are his analytical expertise and his perseverance in solving complex tasks. After completing a doctorate with a focus on X-ray image analysis, he expanded his expertise in image and data recognition to include machine learning and AI. As a regulatory requirements engineer at our company, he works with manufacturers and notified bodies to develop a platform for a digital approval process so that necessary and safe products can enter the market as quickly as possible.

Manuel Baur, Dr.

Perla Gjoka
Perla Gjoka studied Computer and Information Science at the University of Konstanz. Directly after completing her studies, she joined Johner-Institut. Perla already worked as a Software Developer during her Master Studies and gained the necessary experience needed to support our developing team. Her focus is the enhancement of existing Software and the development of new ones.

Perla Gjoka

Christiane Fischer
Christiane Fischer started her professional journey with a degree in media and communication design. She refined her creative expertise in various agencies and publishing houses before joining the Johner Institut in 2020. Originally working in the field of graphics and design, Christiane now focuses on the conception of our software products.

Christiane Fischer, B.A.

Team DPMS (Digital Post Market Services)
Kimiya Kianzad
Kimiya Kianzad completed her studies in Digital Medicine with a focus on Regulatory Affairs Management. As part of her master's thesis, which she wrote in cooperation with a medical technology company, she dealt intensively with the topic of software development in accordance with IEC 62304 and successfully optimized the process. Since then, she has been using her expertise to support the Johner Institute's Regulatory Radar in monitoring and maintaining medical device regulations.

Kimiya Kianzad

Vanessa Mick
Vanessa Mick is a member of the Johner Institute Digital Solution team. Her academic career started with a Bachelor's degree in "Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology". Currently, she is completing her Master's degree in "Regulatory Affairs Management" with a focus on medical devices. Prior joining the Johner Institute, Vanessa gained valuable insights and experience in quality management at a national authority in Austria.

Vanessa Mick, B.Sc.

Leon Holub
Leon Holub has been supporting the Johner Institute in the development of our software products since the beginning of 2023, first as a developer and then as Product Owner of the Regulatory Radar, contributing his more than ten years of experience in the design and implementation of innovative applications. In his spare time, Leon enjoys sport climbing and road cycling.

Leon Holub

Colin Weidlich
Colin Weidlich graduated in biology with a focus on disease biology. After graduating from the University of Konstanz, he is now full of energy to support the Johner Institute in the area of post market radar. His goal is to provide efficient and precise support to our customers, thereby achieving a sustainable positive impact for them and their products.

Colin Weidlich, M.Sc.

Jasmin Schemberg
Jasmin Schemberg completed her studies in medical engineering. During her thesis, she supported a manufacturer in the implementation of electronic instructions for use. Thereby, she discovered a passion for the regulation of medical devices. Since then, she has been supporting the Johner Institute in the Regulatory Radar.

Jasmin Schemberg, M.Sc.

Bernd Huber
After his studies, Bernd Huber worked for several years in the software industry on the development of online shops and online survey platforms. With his fascination and passion for web applications, he supports the Digital Post Market Services team and contributes his expertise as a full-stack software developer/architect. Together with the team, he works on the continuous development of the SaaS solution(s).

Bernd Huber, M.Sc.

Andrea Seeck
Andrea Seeck is a Dr.-Ing. in medical technology and has many years of experience in the field of Clinical & Regulatory Affairs. She joined the Johner Institute in April 2017 and is now Head of Digital Solutions. She firmly believes that the best digital solutions come from a deep understanding of regulatory challenges combined with cutting-edge technological know-how. Together with her team, she successfully translates complex legal frameworks into user-friendly digital tools, significantly reducing the compliance burden for our clients.

Andrea Seeck, Dr.-Ing.

Franziska Reichel
Franziska Reichel, a microbiologist, worked in infection biology during her thesis. There, she explored the pathogen Staphylococcus aureus and new antibacterial substances. After completing her studies in Tübingen, she now supports the Johner Institute in the area of Regulatory and Post Market Radar.

Franziska Reichel, M.Sc.

Deniz Ozan Sönmez
During his bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering, Deniz Sönmez gained his first experience in the medical technology industry in the field of technical documentation for class III medical devices. In his bachelor's thesis, he investigated the influence of various material and design parameters on the radial force of nanomodified self-expanding plastic stents for the hyperthermic treatment of hollow organ tumors. Since May, Deniz has been supporting the Johner Institute's Digital Post Market Services team as a Master's student of medical technology. He is also currently working on his Master's thesis in the field of digital risk management for medical devices in the context of model-based product development.

Deniz Ozan Sönmez, B.Sc.

Team E-Learning/Auditgarant
Matthias Weiss
Matthias Weiss supported the Johner Institute already during his Health Informatics studies. Since completing his studies successfully, he has been an integral part of the E-Learning team. He assists the team as a Technical Product Owner in the technical advancement of the E-Learning products and customer support. He develops solutions for complex issues with great joy, aiming to make the E-Learning products even more intuitive and user-friendly. An agile approach, working with Scrum, and continuous learning are particularly important to him.

Matthias Weiss, B.Sc.

Benedikt Tölle
Benedikt Tölle is a medical physicist with a master's degree in Biomedical Engineering and has programmed software in a medical context during his studies. Before joining the Johner Institute, he was part of two MedTech start-ups (Active Implantable and SaMD), where he was responsible for establishing a QM system according to ISO 13485 and supervising product development from a regulatory perspective. Mr. Tölle is responsible for our e-learning solutions with the products Johner Academy, Auditgarant and Medical Device University

Benedikt Tölle

Maximilian Fletschinger
Already during his studies, Maximilian Fletschinger supported the Software Development & Infrastructure Team of the Johner Institute. After his graduation in Informatics with a focus on software engineering, he is now responsible for the development of new software solutions as well as the support of existing ones.

Maximilian Fletschinger, M.Sc.

Sebastian Lettau
After studying business informatics and then completing his master's thesis on the development and design of software to support the post-market surveillance of medical devices as part of his master's degree in computer science, nothing stood in the way of his entry into the industry. He has been a loyal companion of the institute since 2018. First as a consultant for the development and regulatory compliance of quality management systems and technical documentation and since August 2021 as a product owner in the e-Learning team. There he supports the content and technical development of our e-learning products using requirement engineering as well as product discovery methods and more.

Sebastian Lettau, M.Sc.

Team Entwicklung und Infrastruktur
Jennifer Heik
Jennifer Heik successfully completed her B.Sc. in Business Administration/International Marketing at Pforzheim University. Currently, she is pursuing a Master's degree in Business Information Technology at HTWG Konstanz. She is now focusing on the evaluation and prototypical integration of a new Customer Identity & Access Management System as part of her Master's thesis.

Jennifer Heik

Andreas Hämmerl
Since completing his master's degree in computer science at Trier University of Applied Sciences Andreas Hämmerl has been involved in the development of software in the medical environment. Before and during his studies he worked in web development for many years. He is now continuing his passion for web technologies as a software developer for the Johner Institute's various web platforms.

Andreas Hämmerl, M.C.Sc.

Dennis Hoppe

Dennis Hoppe

Team Human Resources
Verena Digeser

Verena Digeser

Kerstin Tober

Kerstin Tober

Isabelle Pflug
Isabelle Pflug studied International Business with a focus on Human Resource Management and the Francophone world. After two semesters abroad in London and Martinique, she entered the world of human resources. At the Johner Institut, she is responsible for HR-Management and is the contact person for employees, leaders and the executive board. She also oversees the recruitment process and the induction of our new colleagues and is responsible for employee satisfaction and retention. She particularly appreciates the exchange with different personalities.

Isabelle Pflug

Désirée Lüttich
Désirée Lüttich holds master's degrees in sociology and human resource management. With the conviction that employees are the key to the success of any company, she manages the HR department with great passion and commitment.

Désirée Lüttich, M.Sc.

Team Internal Services
Ana Lajn
As a specialist in financial accounting, Ana Lajn is an important contact person for the accounting department at the Johner Institute. Next to her work in accounts receivable for the Johner Institut, she is completing a degree in social work.

Ana Lajn

Sudi Toy

Sudi Toy

Susanne Montau
After 20 years of experience as a bank clerk at a large banking institution, Susanne Montau is very familiar with payment transactions. In the Internal Service Team, she keeps an eye on all incoming and outgoing payments and ensures that all invoices are paid on time.

Susanne Montau

Philipp Koppenhagen
Philipp Koppenhagen is a business information scientist who specializes in business process and IT management. As a consultant, he supported our customers in the creation of technical documentation, QM systems and regulatory strategy. He has been managing the Johner Institute's internal services since 2020, including finance, administration and compliance.

Philipp Koppenhagen

Anna Panayotova
Anna Panayotova is as a specialist for financial accounting, the first point of contact for all accounting questions. As an integral and important part of the Internal Service Team, she is responsible for accounts receivable and dunning.

Anna Panayotova

Team IVD
Kai Moritz Eder
Kai Moritz Eder holds a doctorate in chemistry and conducted research at Münster University Hospital on national and European research projects on the application of nanotechnology in nano-based drug delivery systems. He has developed and verified new imaging methods to quantify toxicological effects of nanoparticles on cells in vitro. With his experience in the development and verification of in vitro diagnostic tests, he supports the Johner Institute's customers in performance evaluation and the preparation of product-specific technical documentation.

Kai Moritz Eder, Dr.

Juliane Havlicek
Dr. Juliane Havlicek is a biotechnologist and gained years of industry experience as a team leader. She was involved in the development of various in vitro diagnostic tests (IVDs). Her focus was on the implementation of regulatory requirements for their approval. She supports Johner Institute's clients regarding the creation of technical documentation, risk management, and performance evaluation of their IVDs.

Juliane Havlicek, Dr.

Tina Priewasser
Tina Priewasser holds a PhD in Bioinformatics and did postdoctoral research on the simulation of sequence evolution. Afterwards, Tina gained more than 8 years of experience in a biotech start up, which later became an international diagnostics company in the field of liquid biopsy for cancer diagnosis. She was responsible for the evaluation of data from different analytical methods like PCR or NGS and a standard compliant software development of IVDs. At the Johner Institute, Tina supports clients in the technical documentation of software as a medical device or as part of an IVD.

Tina Priewasser, Dr.

Janos Hackenbeck
Janos Hackenbeck studied medical physics. With many years of experience in software quality assurance and in setting up software projects under IEC 62304 and ISO 13485, he is an expert in the development of medical device software. Based in Berlin, he supports clients of the Johner Institute with a focus on the compliant development of software in the field of IVD medical devices. His incentive lies in the implementation of regulatory requirements in efficient and lived development processes in order to remove hurdles in the realisation of innovative medical devices with compliant and at the same time lean documentation.

Janos Hackenbeck, M.Eng.

Andreas Kalchschmid-Lehmann
Andreas Kalchschmid-Lehmann is an expert in in-vitro diagnostics with more than 17 years of practical experience in molecular diagnostics. He is the author of the book "ISO 13485 - Obstacle or Opprotunity?" and has relevant experience in other QM systems, including ISO 17025, ISO 15189, MDSAP and CFR 820. As a laboratory manager he gained detailed knowledge of processes in a routine diagnostic laboratory and as a former quality manager he knows how to successfully set up and live a QMS for IVDs. He worked as a product specialist and lead auditor for a large Notified Body where he assessed technical documentation of IVDs and QM systems.

Andreas Kalchschmid-Lehmann, M.Sc.

Sophie Bartsch
Sophie Bartsch is a biologist and worked as a research assistant in an accredited diagnostics laboratory for three years after completing her doctorate. In addition to routine diagnostics, she was also responsible for establishing NGS-based workflows. Subsequently, as laboratory manager, she was responsible for the development of a molecular biological assay with machine learning-driven evaluation software. At the Johner Institute, she supports our clients in the approval of IVD medical devices. Her main focus is on strategic product alignment and the product-specific preparation of the technical documentation.

Sophie Bartsch, Dr.

Catharina Bertram
Catharina Bertram supports Johner Institute’s customers in placing their in vitro diagnostic (IVD) medical devices on the market. She is an expert in the performance evaluation of IVD medical devices. Catharina contributes to the product-specific preparation of our customers‘ technical documentation and advises on strategic issues focusing on IVD assays and IVD software, particularly AI-based software. With a Ph.D. in biochemistry, she gained years of industry experience and now transfers her expertise to practical concepts for implementing regulatory requirements. As branch and laboratory manager of a pharmaceutical start-up, she contributed to all QM-related processes. Furthermore, she was involved in the development of various IVD medical devices.

Catharina Bertram, Dr.

Team Johner Institut Schweiz
Mario Klessascheck
Meet Mario Klessascheck, a dedicated Dipl. engineer with a profound devotion to the field of medical technology since his academic years. Specializing in medical systems engineering and functional safety, Mario brings forth a wealth of technical expertise and methodological acumen to aid development teams in translating the requisites of safety standards like IEC 60601-1 into practical solutions. Leveraging vast project experience, he's developed a comprehensive framework integrating human factors, technology, methodologies, and processes, enabling teams to navigate regulatory and technical challenges adeptly.

Mario Klessascheck, Dipl.-Ing.

Team Johner Medical
Lesley Plön
Lesley Plön is a consultant for the roles of an external Quality Managemener and PRRC. With a Master's degree in Quality Development and Management in Healthcare, she has gained professional experience both as a Quality Management Officer in a hospital and as a project director for medical technology. She is now particularly looking forward to providing support and consultation regarding technical documentation for medical device manufacturers.

Lesley Plön, M.Sc.

Vanessa-Alexandra Vasile
Vanessa-Alexandra Vasile already supported the consulting team of the Johner Institute during her studies of health informatics. Since successfully completing her studies, she supports the Johner Medical team as a consultant. With a lot of enthusiasm she supports customers in the compliant approval of their medical devices and taking on regulatory roles, such as the role of authorized representative and responsible person. The creation and review of technical documentation in accordance with the MDR is one of her areas of expertise. Above all, good and timely customer support is very close to her heart.

Vanessa-Alexandra Vasile, B.Sc.

Dimitrios-Karolos Kaloulis
Dimitrios Kaloulis supports customers in outsourcing regulatory roles: Management Representative according to ISO 13485, Authorized Representative and Responsible Person according to MDR. He accompanies customers through the certification process and conducts audits (1st and 2nd party) in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 13485, MDR, MDSAP. His areas of expertise include the creation of technical documentation and the development of QM systems. With a degree in mechanical engineering and an M.Sc. in biomedical engineering, as well as experience in industry and research, he has extensive expertise in supporting our customer projects.

Dimitrios-Karolos Kaloulis, M.Sc.

Team Marketing
Tea Bodrusic
Tea Bodrusic supports the Johner Institute in marketing and ensures holistic and always value-oriented communication across all our channels. She gained her first practical experience in the medical technology industry during her dual bachelor’s degree. She completed her master’s degree in business management with her thesis at the Johner Institute.

Tea Bodrusic, M.A.

Nadine Kaffer
Nadine Kaffer has been working as an event manager in the field of medical technology since 2008. In close cooperation with Prof. Dr. Christian Johner, she developed the innovative concept of the Medical Device Days in Berlin. In 2019, the Speed Consulting Conference took place for the first time and has since become an integral part of the Institute's annual training and networking events. She has been a permanent employee at the Institute since June 2021 and organizes the annual Institute Day in Constance in addition to the Medical Device Days Berlin. She is also the contact person for trade fair appearances and participation in external events.

Nadine Kaffer

Team Medical Device
Florian Krafft

Florian Krafft, Dipl.-Ing.

Manuela Reinhold
As a human biologist, Manuela Reinhold offers advice on regulatory issues and approval strategies for medical devices at the Johner Institute. She was previously a scientist, then worked in Research & Development and served as Regulatory Affairs Manager for several medical device manufacturers. There she prepared technical documentation, supervised approvals for class I to III medical devices and gained experience in the implementation of regulatory requirements according to MDD and MDR.

Manuela Reinhold, Dr.

Claudia Schmitt
Medical informatics engineer Claudia Schmitt supports customers of the Johner Institute in standards-compliant software development (IEC 62304), risk management (ISO 14971) and management system setup (ISO 13485, ISO 27001). With 15 years of experience in medical device development and approval and as a quality management representative, she understands challenges and offers targeted support. Her enjoyment and knowledge of ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and IEC 62304 help companies to realize their visions.

Claudia Schmitt, Dipl.-Ing.

Katharina Keutgen
After her graduation in Biomedical Engineering and her studies of Regulatory Affairs Management, Katharina Keutgen worked many years in the development and regulatory affairs management of heart-lung machines and vascular access devices, where she acquired extensive regulatory expertise. As a member of the Medical Device Team, she has been supporting the Johner Institute's clients with international approvals and questions relating to the regulatory strategy of medical devices since 2021 and conducts seminars and workshops on the topic of UDI.

Katharina Keutgen

Alexander Wassel
After graduating with his bachelor degree in 2017, Alexander Wassel got in touch with the Johner Institute for the first time. He then decided to participate in the master program 'IT in healthcare'. In addition to his studies, Alexander also worked as a software developer focused on web applications and cloud infrastructures. Alexander supports our clients with all questions regarding medical software. Besides being a software expert, Alexander also played handball sucessfully in Austria's National Handball League for more than ten years.

Alexander Wassel, M.Sc.

Christopher Seib
Christopher Seib is an engineer for chemical technology with a special focus on instrumental analytics. After his studies, he acquired several years of experience in the areas of quality management according to ISO 13485 and regulatory affairs of both in-vitro diagnostics and implantable medical devices. He advises customers of the Johner Institute on all issues related to the international approval of medical devices and supports them in meeting this challenge.

Christopher Seib, M.-Ing.

Margret Seidenfaden
Margret Seidenfaden supports the Johner Institute's clients in matters concerning international requirements for medical devices and product approval. She studied medical engineering and business administration and focused on quality management and regulatory affairs early in her carrier. Her passion is dedicated to diverse regulatory issues related to medical devices and helping manufacturers in overcoming challenges in international market approval processes. Before joining the Johner Institut in 2020, she was responsible for the planning, implementation, and monitoring worldwide product registrations.

Margret Seidenfaden, MBA

Luca Salvatore
Luca Salvatore has been advising the Johner Institute on regulatory issues relating to medical devices since 2015 and heads the International Regulatory Affairs department. He focuses on MDR, FDA and NMPA issues and is responsible for key accounting and knowledge management. After graduating in Computer Science (2006), he worked at a medical device startup as a software developer and then as Quality Manager and Head of Regulatory Affairs, gaining experience in quality management and international regulatory affairs.

Luca Salvatore

Christian Rosenzweig
As an engineer specializing in biomedical engineering, Christian Rosenzweig started his professional career in basic development of complex active medical devices. He has then worked for more than 10 years in software development for medical devices. His daily work with regulatory requirements finally led him to quality management. In this field, he gained international experience as a quality management officer under ISO 13485 in a large corporation. He supports the consulting team at the Johner Institute.

Christian Rosenzweig

Team Quality Management Systems
Sandra Brecht
Sandra Brecht enjoys supporting our clients in establishing, maintaining and continuously improving viable and efficient quality management systems for the benefit of the company and its employees. Before joining the Johner Institute, she was a quality management representative for a quality management system certified according to EN ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 at the Technical University of Munich for several years. There she not only advanced quality management with joy and commitment, but also developed medical devices for minimally invasive surgery herself.

Sandra Brecht, Dr.

Claudia Volk
After completing her studies, Claudia Volk gained several years of experience as a quality and regulatory affairs manager in a regulated environment, initially in food production and later as a management representative and PRRC for manufacturers of in-vitro diagnostics. She has set up, developed and audited QM systems and implemented digital QM tools. At the Johner Institute, she supports clients in setting up and developing their QM systems and in training their employees.

Claudia Volk, M.Sc.

Alexander Thern
Alexander Thern supports manufacturers of medical devices and IVDs in setting up QM systems. He conducts internal audits against all MD and IVD regulations in German, English, French and Spanish. He accompanies certification audits and inspections by authorities and subsequent corrective actions. He can look back on many years of consulting and auditing experience. He holds in-house seminars on "PRRC", "Medical Device Consultant MPDG" and "Internal Auditor", as well as a two-day seminar on ISO 13485. Alexander Thern has lived in England and speaks fluent English. All Seminars are available in English. Alexander Thern is a freelancer for the Johner Institute.

Alexander Thern

Team Uni/Seminare
Michael Freudenberg
Micha Freudenberg is a digital strategist and driving force. With his entrepreneurial experience in the areas of digitalization, sales and online marketing, he supports the Johner Institute in the business development of the seminar and academy business. His tasks include evaluating new market opportunities, analyzing customer and product potential, developing new business opportunities and designing new sales and business models.

Michael Freudenberg

Susanne Exler
With 25+ years of experience in management diagnostics, coaching and organizational consulting/development, Susanne Exler leads corporate culture, HR and organizational development and external training at the Johner Institute. She is committed to deeply anchoring corporate values and as an expert in Holacracy, she ensures a deeper understanding and successful implementation of this special organizational structure, which is essential for corporate culture.

Susanne Exler

Team Usability
Cathrin Lechner
After completing her master's degree in mechanical engineering with a focus on medical technology, Cathrin Lechner worked as a usability engineer at an IVD manufacturer for over 3 years. She was involved in the development of modern and user-friendly diagnostic systems. Since 2023, she has been supporting the Johner Institute's usability team with great commitment and helps our customers to carry out a successful, regulatory-compliant usability engineering process.

Cathrin Lechner, M.Sc.

Philipp Schleer
Philipp Schleer studied mechanical engineering and focused on medical technology during his master's degree. In the course of his doctorate, he discovered his passion for human-machine interaction when he developed and evaluated assistance systems for robotic surgery from a usability perspective. At the Johner Institute he supports customers in the planning and implementation of major projects, usability tests, the introduction of usability processes and the documentation according to IEC 62366.

Philipp Schleer, Dr.

Ann-Kathrin Dessel
Ann-Kathrin Dessel is passionate about the optimal and holistic interaction between people and technology. With her professional background in psychology and her specialisation in human-machine interaction, she is motivated to support the development of appropriate product solutions. At the Johner Institute, she supports customers in the planning and implementation of usability tests and in the creation of usability documents in accordance with IEC 62366.

Ann-Kathrin Dessel, M.Sc.

Sophia Schwaeppe
Sophia Schwaeppe is a psychologist and during her studies, she focused on human factors engineering. On behalf of the Fraunhofer Institute, she researched user requirements for the area of smart home development. At the Johner Institute, she supports customers in planning and conducting summative and formative evaluations. As well as in creating usability documents according to IEC 62366.

Sophia Schwaeppe, M.Sc.

Wolfgang Schneider
Wolfgang Schneider is a Dipl. psychologist and has been advising companies as a usability expert for over 20 years (heuristic evaluations based on standards, walkthroughs, usability tests, workplace observations, documentations). He is involved in the responsible standardization committees of DIN/ISO (amongst others as editor of part ISO 9241-125 - visual representation of information) and the DKE (IEC 62366-1/-2). He worked as an author, e.g. for DGUV Information Softwareergonomie and the publisher Beuth. He supports Johner Institute in terms of usability.

Wolfgang Schneider

Nils Becker
Nils Becker is a Dipl. biologist. Conducting his doctorate, he researched the molecular mechanisms of neural plasticity. Prior to joining Johner Institute, he was involved in regulatory affairs, usability, and technology transfer. At Johner Institute, he supports customers in the planning and execution of usability tests as well as in the creation of usability documents pursuant to IEC 62366 and FDA requirements.

Nils Becker, Dr.

Team Vertrieb
Marcel Santos Heimerl
Marcel Heimerl learned the trade of a customer service with solutions in need of explanation in his bank training. As an Account Executive and CRM-Manager, Marcel Heimerl accompanies our customers through the institute from the idea of a medical product to its implementation. Here he takes care of linking projects with the right experts, developing solutions and being there for our customers as a constant contact person.

Marcel Santos Heimerl

Martin Uiffinger
Martin Uiffinger holds a degree in business administration and has gained various audit and compliance experience in renowned consulting and financial services companies. He has also built up a B2B sales company with over 1,800 customers. At the institute, he leads the sales team and is responsible for ensuring that every interested party gets clarity as quickly as possible as to whether and how we can help with a suitable solution.

Martin Uiffinger

Florian Wettlaufer
As a logistics graduate with a focus on business administration, Florian Wettlaufer has gained extensive experience in the areas of sales, customer success management, and resource planning. At the Institute, as an Account Executive, he is responsible for bringing our customers together with the right experts and solutions at all times so that they can achieve their respective goals quickly and reliably.

Florian Wettlaufer


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