Why the Johner Institute?

With us, you will flourish in an atmosphere of creativity, trust, mutual support and the pursuit of excellence.

Rigid, hierarchical structures, frustrating supervisor decisions, political games and opaque, meaningless sets of rules do not exist at our company.



We place a high level of trust in our team members and are convinced that every employee will do his or her best and contribute with motivation and commitment when given real freedom to shape their own work, as well as the opportunity to take responsibility and make independent decisions within their own area of responsibility.

Decisions concerning our cooperation or our corporate goals and strategy are made together, without grueling discussions and power games.

Our rapid growth as well as our international orientation gives each individual room for further development and fascinating perspectives at home and abroad.

Further training and the development of comprehensive and diverse expert knowledge is not regulated by budgets at our company, but is supported and encouraged. Our open, positive and supportive culture of making mistakes ensures that colleagues courageously dare to try new things, in the knowledge that failure is only an unpleasant but important step on the path to success and personal development. When something like this happens, we pull together and protect and strengthen each other.

We are particularly proud of our team atmosphere, mutual helpfulness and cohesion. Anyone who experiences our team days knows what we are talking about here. We take great care to ensure that new team members really fit in with us, share our values and enrich and complement our team with their open, positive and approachable personalities. Therefore, the following applies to us without compromise:

<<We hire for attitude and train for skills>>.

Our values and guidelines do not gather dust in a drawer, but we live them - actively and every day. We see ourselves as a learning organization that takes on impulses and implements them quickly, constantly evolving and taking its members along with it.


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