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The Johner Institute is Your Partner for Medical Products Development and Authorization
Experience the benefit of our consulting, find out more about our trainings, e-learning and knowledge based articles.

With concise documents, assured through the audit and authorization

We ensure that you get your medical product straightly to the market with minimal cost

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Starter Kit

We show you exactly how to quickly get an authorization for your medical products.

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Do you have a specific question? We would like to help you, for free!

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In 5 minutes, find out where you might face difficulties in the next audit.

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Technical Documentation

We assist you in creating documents that will give you an authorization for your products.

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Build a ISO 13485-compliant QM-system to pass the audit easily.

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Employee qualification

Get your employees qualified and competent for your company success.

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Training videos

Learn to create a technical documentation. We offer special templates to make this easier for you.

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CPMS Seminar

Become an expert in software development compliant with: IEC 62304, 62366 and ISO 14971.

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Usability seminar

Learn how to develop innovative products that are capable to conquer the market.

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Support for any Budget

Take advantage of our free products, develop your law-compliant medical products faster and smoothly go through the authorization:

  • In our articles, you can find more than 100 knowledge based and informative articles that will answer your top questions.
  • In context of micro-consulting we will answer your question daily — and for free.
  • Our starter-kit gives you a glimpse of the regulations and the typical process of authorization, as well as audit.
  • The videos in our auditgarant are available for you without having to register

We provide all the knowledge and information you need to create your own technical documentation according to the required standard:

  • In the video trainings auditgarant, we show you step by step how to create a concise technical documentation fast and compliant with IEC 62304, ISO 14971 and IEC 62366. Even more in the premium-version, the templates for your documents are also included.
  • Combine the benefit of auditgarant with the allocated hours of our micro-consulting, for example to answer your top questions or to evaluate your documents.
  • With our seminars, you could improve your competency and increase both your and your company's value.

By developing your own competency, you will no longer be dependent on consultants, even on us :-).

If you are in a hurry with your project or have some resources bottleneck, we will guide you individually through your project:

  1. We will compose the basic structure of your documents and provide the exact instruction on how to complete it.
  2. We iteratively evaluate and improve your technical documents together with you, so that you can go through the authorization, as well as the audit smoothly and get your products straightly to the market.
  3. If necessary, we could take in charge of your project management and absolutely keep you accountable with your milestones :).

Contact us to discuss further how we could plan your project together and estimate the cost of your project. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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We do (almost) all the work for you, such as creating your complete technical documentation or your QM-handbook including all the descriptions of the process.

We think it is important to also transmit this knowledge to you — and because it is more difficult to achieve in this case —, we recommend this to you only

  • for exceptional cases (e.g problem in audit, time pressure),
  • for cases with bottleneck of capacity
  • if your already developed products have to be subsequently docummented. Yes, this will be a good option ;-).

Contact us now so that we can discuss how we could help you achieve your goals and accurately estimate the cost of your project. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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