How a joint project can work

In six simple steps we create, check or/and improve your technical documentation

Step 1 "Establishing contact
You contact us and discuss your task with us. In this way, you will know in the shortest possible time whether and how we can support you in achieving lean documentation that will enable you to get your product approved quickly and pass the audit with confidence.

Step 2 "Confidentiality agreement
We sign a joint confidentiality agreement.

Step 3 "Quick-Review"
You send us your documents (if existing), which we subject to a quick review. This way we can estimate the effort and provide you with a differentiated offer.

Step 4 "Project start"
You check the offer, we readjust it if necessary. You give us the okay and determine the first document to start with.

Step 5 "Create"
We create/review/revise this document and send it back to you.

Step 6 "Acceptance":
You check the document. You have absolute satisfaction guarantee and if everything fits for you, you determine the next document. 

What our support costs you

For a review of a document we usually need only a few hours. For the creation of a document with your help, we spend a few hours, sometimes even a few days, for example for a clinical evaluation. The more you support us and take over tasks, the lower our efforts and thus your costs.