Medical devices for Ukraine

Medical products are urgently needed in Ukraine to care for the sick and injured. There are several ways to support the local population and relief workers through medical device donations.

How you can help

Various aid organizations handle the organization and logistics of medical device donations for Ukraine. These projects usually work with local partners who identify needs and ensure that the products are distributed in Ukraine. You can find various further down.

If you would like to donate, please contact the organizations and clarify how your donations in kind will reach the appropriate place. Monetary donations are usually possible as well.

Donated medical products must be in a marketable, hygienic condition.

Which products are needed

The WHO and the EU e. g. publish lists of the medical products that are needed the most on their websites. We have received the following list of currently urgently needed medical products from “Stiftung Hope”(German):

Bandages and dressings

  • Fixation bandages, supporting bandages, bandage clamps, zinc paste bandages
  • Clamp bandages, plasters, fixation bandages, wound dressings sterile/unsterile, injection plasters,
  • rapid wound dressings, compresses and tamponades, gauze bandages, wound plasters, net tubular bandages
  • Injection systems and infusion systems
  • Infusion lines and accessories, transfusion sets
  • Cannulas: standard cannulas, arterial cannulas, elevator cannulas, blood collection cannulas, insulin cannulas, intramuscular cannulas
  • Syringes: Standard syringes, fine-dose syringes, insulin syringes, wound syringes,

Suture material

  • Surgical sutures, surgical needles
  • Skin staplers and accessories
  • Medical and surgical instruments
  • Scalpels, Needle holders, Surgical scissors, Anatomical forceps, Artery clamps
  • Blood pressure monitors double tube incl. velcro cuff for adults

Emergency case

  • Accessories for emergency cases: resuscitation bag silicone, AMBU, with single-membrane patient valve and masks


  • Analgesics
  • Antihistamines
  • Antibiotics
  • Medicines against diarrhea
  • hemostatic medicines
  • iron plus B12 supplements, vitamin supplements
  • Anesthetics
  • lidocaine HCl injection 2% ketamine, HCl injection 50 mg/ml


  • dexpanthenol, hydrocortisone cream 1%, betaisadona, bepanthen

Needs list of the National Cancer Center

The National Cancer Center of Ukraine has also published a list of needed medical products linked here, which are required to treat cancer patients.

You can donate here

Stiftung Hope

In a cooperative alliance of organizations from Germany, Ukraine and Moldova, the Hope Foundation (Stiftung Hope) carries out aid deliveries directly to Ukraine. The goods will reach the population in the war zones directly via an already existing infrastructure.

The next consignment (German) will be carried out on May 1st and June 5th.




Donation drop-off:

Drop off donations at Lukasgemeinde Berlin, Kurfürstenstraße 133, 10785 Berlin on 4/29 from 12 to 2 p.m. and by appointment.

All information about the current fundraising campaign can be found on the website of Stiftung Hope (German).

action medeor

action medeor (German) is supported by the pharmaceutical and medical device associations BAH, BPI, BVMed, Phagro, progenerika, Spectaris and vfa for donations of medical devices and medications.

Donations in kind (German), ideally by the pallet, should be communicated to medeor in advance. The contact person is Noelia Martinez (phone: 02156 9788-144, e-mail: ukraine(at)

Further information is available on the BVMed website (German), among others.


MedicalMountains GmbH supports the "Relief convoy for Ukraine" campaign of Round Table Germany. Donations for hospitals can be registered via a contact form.

German Red Cross

The German Red Cross (German) accepts monetary donations. Inquiries about corporate donations can be sent to unternehmen(at)


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